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An Israeli agency ran AI attacks to influence Indian elections

June 2, 2024

Israeli political organization STOIC attempted to use artificial intelligence (AI) to influence the Indian Lok Sabha elections by campaigning under the name ‘Zero Geno’. However, in May, OpenAI confirmed that the campaign was blocked by an Israeli agency.

One of the individuals involved stated that the covert campaign aimed to influence political outcomes and sway public opinion. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman explained that the Israeli company used powerful OpenAI language models to create social media profiles, articles, and comments. These efforts criticized the ruling BJP and praised the Congress party.

According to a report by Indian media outlet NDTV, STOIC’s campaign aimed to promote anti-BJP and pro-Congress sentiments leading up to the upcoming election results.

Reacting to the OpenAI report, the ruling BJP called it a ‘dangerous threat’ to democracy. Union Minister of Electronics and Technology and BJP leader Rajeev Chandrasekhar stated, “It is very clear that some Indian political parties or their agents are targeting the BJP through misinformation and foreign interference, which is very dangerous for the democracy of the country.”


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