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Exclusive: Arm aims to capture 50% of PC market in five years, CEO says

June 3, 2024

TAIPEI, June 3 – Arm Holdings is targeting more than 50% of the Windows PC market within the next five years, according to CEO Rene Haas. This ambition aligns with Microsoft’s plans to introduce a new range of computers powered by Arm’s technology.

On Monday, Arm’s U.S.-listed shares rose by 2.6% in pre-market trading. The demand for Arm’s technology in personal computers has surged following Microsoft’s recent announcement of AI-enhanced PCs designed to compete with Alphabet and Apple.

Microsoft’s flagship Windows operating system will now be compatible with Arm-designed chips, a shift from the traditional dominance of Intel chips in the PC industry. If successful, this move could significantly reshape the market.

“Arm’s market share in Windows could surpass 50% within the next five years,” Haas told Reuters. Microsoft is heavily investing in developing software tools to support the transition from AMD and Intel’s x86 technology to Arm-based chips.

“They (Microsoft) have significantly improved their developer tools in recent years and are highly committed from a software standpoint,” Haas added.

This strategy mirrors Apple’s successful integration of Arm designs with its “M Series” processors, which have been noted for their long battery life and performance. Qualcomm has introduced the first Arm-based chip for the new Windows machines, with other vendors expected to follow.

Microsoft has also partnered with several device manufacturers, including Asus and Dell Technologies, to produce machines running on the Arm-based system.


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