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Microsoft’s own game store will launch in July.

June 2, 2024

Microsoft is launching its own game store to compete with Google Play Store and Apple App Store, scheduled to launch in July. This announcement comes from BloomBurg Technology Summit by Microsoft. Sarah Bond, President of Microsoft’s Xbox division, stated that initially, games like Microsoft and Candy Crush will be available in Microsoft’s game store. Later, games from other establishments will also be available in the store.

Bond further mentioned that access to this store will be available from the website, allowing games to be played on devices of all types and from all countries. The scope of the game store will gradually expand.

In terms of selling games on app stores like Apple and Google Play, they charge up to 30% commission to other companies. Microsoft may keep the commission amount lower in their own game store to stay ahead in the competition.

Previously, discussions were held about launching Xbox mobile gaming store. Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s Chief Gaming Officer, announced in December that discussions are underway with partners about launching the Xbox mobile store, and it will be launched soon.

In 2022, Microsoft hinted at launching its own mobile store for the first time. At that time, Microsoft was considering buying Activision Blizzard to establish its position in mobile gaming. Additionally, from a document of Microsoft in October 2022, it is known that Microsoft was planning to create a new ‘Xbox gaming platform’ where games created by Activision and King Digital Entertainment will be available.

Due to the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), Apple and Google have to make some changes to their own mobile app stores. Now, even outside the EU, Microsoft is planning to stay ahead in the competition by providing several benefits to developers.


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